An Outta This World Party!

Katya from Soo Glammy has produced this intergalactic seventh birthday celebration! Hues of pastel blue, pink and purple allowed for a girly touch to the disco-space themed party. Whilst finishes of chrome and iridescent reflections aids in adding sparkle and shimmer that will sure catch your eye!

This b-day celebration was complete with a giant sparkling LOL doll was the overall inspiration for this holographic celebration. Finished with an Unidentified Flying Doughnut wall and cake, these sweet treats sure assisted in bringing this sparkling wonderland to life.

Guests were able to indulge in a personalised candy bar by Mammy’s Cake, that tied into the theme perfectly. Whilst being given adorable party favour glasses that added a fun aspect the kids could interact with.

This OIP approved party has been achieved through the girly and fun pastel colours combined with the holographic accents. A party that sure does create wonder and awe, we hope you are blown away as we are!

Event Decorator: Kati Bakareva

Decor: Soo Glammy

Candy Bar: Mammys Cake

Photographer: Treidet

Venue: Ulybnika Photoroom

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