Back To School

It's time to learn our ABC's and 123's! It's come to that time of year once again where we must send our little ones to school and let them explore the wonderful world of learning!

But of course that can't be done without a little bit of inspiration from the team at OIP! Lunches are packed, school books are labelled and bags are filled. An exciting new experience for many, the class of 2019 has begun!

We held our Back To School party at Little Ginger Co. A beautiful blank canvas that had an abundance of room to celebrate. Decorated with a colourful balloon garland from Bedazzled Parties and furnished with the most adorable table and chairs from Little Party Play.

This little gathering was thrown as a celebration for Willa, Michelle and Eli. To not only get them excited for school but to prepare them for what was to come! A big kid's uniform and a bag full of school supplies was a fantastic way to get them in the mood for school.

The adorable backpacks the kiddies got were from Skip Hop. The fun zoo inspired designs really added a playful aspect to the uniforms that they wore. They provided a fun little character the kids could have as a constant companion.

The customised labels, tags and Bento Boxes were from Stuck On You. The Bento Boxes allowed for a personalised lunch that made healthy eating fun for the kids! It cut down the plastic and allowed for a variety of foods to be stored in this leak proof box! What kid doesn't appreciate their own tailor made labels and tags? Being able to add their personal touch to every item they own with these cute labels! It especially takes the hassle out of losing their personal belongings.

We can't go back to school without some school supplies! Micador provided the pencil cases, ABC crayons and the innovative adhesive black board. This allowed for Willa, Eli and Michelle to draw to their hearts content and to be as creative as they wanted! The ABC crayons encouraged the kids to learn as they draw, as they provided a great deal interest. Which we could definitely see from the excitement on Willa's face!

Dressed with comfy and supportive shoes from Bobux, they provided a stylish and youthful shoe that aided Willa, Eli and Michelle put their best foot forward! The adorable colour of the shoes contrasted perfectly with the fun and colourful school bags the kids wore. The accessories really worked in perfect harmony with each other, allowing the kids to still look like kids!

School themed cookies were by Once Upon a Biscuit, they provided a sweet treat for the hard working students! The cute design was bright and colourful, it added playfulness for the kids to enjoy. The magnificent cake by Boutique Cake Art set the standard of an ultimate teacher's pet!

The OIP team wish all the new and returning students a wonderful school year in 2019!


Venue: Little Ginger Co

Balloons: Bedazzled Parties

Bento Boxes, Lunch Bags, Bag Tags, Labels: Stuck On You

School Bags: Skip Hop

Cake: Boutique Cake Art

Cookies: Once Upon A Biscuit

Furniture: Little Party Play

Art Supplies: Micador

Shoes: Bobux Shoes

Models: Willa, Eli & Michelle

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