Chelsea & Nathan's Wedding

WOW! This wedding has left the OIP team with our jaws to the floor! This luxurious, bohemian wedding is classy and sophisticated from head to toe. This reception was beautifully executed, with a consistent theme kept throughout. Touches of vintage furnishings allowed for romance to allude from the design.

A beautiful day, for a beautiful wedding! Natural tones allowed for a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors. Achieved through the organic touches of an abundance of flowers and the natural wood tones. The light wood tones of the bentwood chairs worked monochromatically with the light wood flooring. This allowed for a smooth transition between the wood and the crisp whites, creating this beautiful backdrop for this beautiful wedding!

We can't forget to mention the absolutely stunning ceiling installation! These elegant lighting installations aided in adding height to the space, and contributed to the bohemian theme created.

Overall, the light colour palette used worked harmoniously. Really working in the design's favour! It truly contributed to creating this consistent bohemian and romantically styled wedding! Beautiful all round, this is sure a wedding to remember!

Venue: Kingsrook, Currency Creek

Styling & Co-ordination: Hygge Studio

Floristry: Hygge Studio

Graphics, Signage & Accessories: Hygge Studio

Marquee, Flooring & Tableware: Aussie Party Hire

Ghost Chairs & Table Linen: White Marquee

Reception Chairs & Lounges: Two Brothers

Bars & Dance Floor: Hygge Studio

Pots & Plinths: Hygge Studio

Champagne Tower: Gold Cutlery Hire

Photography: Blake Haywood Sanders

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