Written By India Kitty -Our Youngest Team Member, 10yrs old & super talented! Jars are so cute and really popular at the moment. You can have drinks in a jar, layered fruits and yogurt in a jar and my favourite cupcakes in a jar. Imagine at the end of your party handing everyone a cute cake in a jar, or giving your best friend a cute packaged cupcake in a jar for their Birthday - plus they also get to keep the cute jar! Cupcakes in a jar are so simple and cute. You could use a jar bought from a store or even just a jam jar washed out would be perfect.

Here's a quick DIY on how to make a cupcake in a jar . diy-cake-in-a-jar Here's what you will need to make a cake in a jar . diy-cake-in-a-jar
Step 1 : Carefully using a serrated knife, cut off a slither of the top section of the cupcake and put it into your jar .
Step 2 : Add a small amount of whipped cream to the centre of your first cake layer , add sprinkles and add a second cupcake .
Step 3 : If you would like , add a third cupcake to the jar . Top it of with lots of whipped cream, sprinkles and any other toppings you like .
You could also try a rainbow cupcake or chocolate or you could make pink and white layers , or lovely layers of fruit .
Enjoy !
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