Donut I'd do without a Dad like you! It's the perfect sentiment for a day dedicated to Dads, because, you just can't go wrong with a bag of donuts for Father's Day. Most of the time, it really is just the thought that counts when it comes to Dad. And, the thought of donuts? Well, that is a pretty good thought. fathers-day-donut-free-printable Even if you can't go and visit your Dad on Father's Day, you can still print out the bag, put in his favorite donut shop gift card, and mail it away. It still makes a fantastic gift, thoughtful and tasty. fathers-day-donut-free-printable What you will need: "Donut I'd do without a Dad like you" printable (Download Here) Donuts or donut shop gift card White paper bag Printer paper Light weight masking tape fathers-day-donut-free-printable There are a number of different ways to print on a paper bag. It might take a little trial and error to find what works best for you and your printer. That being said, my favourite way is to just lightly tape a paper bag right onto a piece of printer paper. Be sure to centre the bag on the paper. Feed the paper from bottom to top of the bag through your printer. The best tip? The more tape around the edges the better. Be sure to completely tape the top and bottom of the bag down. Be sure to let your Dad know just how much you care this year by bringing over a bag filled with a heart warming, conversation starting, love bearing breakfast! fathers-day-donut-free-printable Written By Sara of Confetti Sunshine Blog

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