The world of dessert-making is constantly evolving to reflect particular trends, and often emulating natural beauty made by Mama Nature herself! A current dessert trend that is truly "rocking" people around the world, is the oh-so-glitzy geode cake. Geodes are hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals and minerals and can be used to make jewellery, decorate homes, and some people claim they also possess healing elements. Colorado-based, Rachel Teufel, from Intricate Icings, was said to be one of the first to popularise the geode cake, when her amazing amethyst creation went viral in 2016.

"I knew I wanted to create a show-stopping cake and use the geode as the focal point, creating an awe-inspiring visual experience for the guests," Teufel said.

19379584_797376593776462_4453147333739151360_nImage via: Shelby's Cookie Art

Not for the faint of heart, these too-beautiful-to-eat marvels can take around 16 hours to create, and although it may look otherwise- are totally edible! They are generally made of a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy, to mimic mineral textures. These glorious creations often have touches of hand-painting and gold leaf, and are truly a statement piece.

Geode cakes have recently become a must-have over your traditional wedding cakes, however, the gem-stone look can be done in everything from macarons to cake pops. We simply cannot get enough of its raw beauty; absolutely gorgeous!

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