OIP Style - What is millenial pink?

If you haven’t noticed the surge in popularity with this pink hue, then where have you been?! Say hello to the new “IT” colour. It has dominated our screens and now anything you can think of is pink. Shoes, apparel, handbags, make-up, hair, furniture, interior...THINK PINK! Millennial pink. No longer known as “girly” or associated with being too feminine for some, this colour is the latest craze and is here to stay. We welcome you millennial pink, you’re so pretty and OIP! pink fringe

Image via: Street Fever

pink chiffon dress

Image via: Pinterest


Image via: Pinterest


Image via: Pinterest


Image via: betrend

pink sneakers

Image via: The Everygirl


Image via: Purse Blog

pink tiles

Image via: Rebecca Judd Loves


Image via: Coco Kelly

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