Fabulous Friday- I See, Ice-cream at your Wedding Day!

Gone are the days of a lacklustre wedding day, with the same old traditions that don't reflect the couples' personalities, which can leave guests feeling disengaged and perhaps even a little bored by the end of the ceremony. Nowadays, couples are finding ways to put their own flare on their special day, making it a truly memorable and fun day for all! Desserts tables are both visually appealing and generally offer something sweet for everyone to enjoy, however, having something a little different like an ice-cream cart can shake things up, and makes for truly gorgeous photos! It is also a great element for the kids to enjoy! Here at OIP we are big fans of the ice-cream carts, however, the same can be done with doughnuts, popcorn, fairy floss... you name it! Whatever your preference, having more interactive elements at weddings is a trend that doesn't appear to be going anywhere! 14474180_1117596968319904_7176729496500830208_n Image via @tenfinkphoto 18645902_800298433461853_5255298644533313536_n Image via @daniellepoffphoto 19120372_271103820025870_5459956365923450880_n Image via @taylorraephoto 18381932_1790956081219263_6028184464784359424_n Image via @icecreamby_by 18722860_794402247403150_8692600532465876992_n Image via @rachelcraigphotography 18646133_225681147926363_7276157585676304384_n Image via @ivyroadphotography 18160857_253621531772666_6545816036422189056_n Image via @wheelandspoon 18721838_1529490793768348_7041125194143891456_n Image via @blueskyphoto

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