Carrying a child is undoubtedly one of the life's greatest beauties, and celebrating the pregnancy process is an important marker for the start of this new life and extension of the family. Maternity shoots aim to encompass this delicate moment, and can be a beautiful way to honour the incredible power of the female body. Here at OIP we are all about celebrating women and couldn’t resist sharing our current fav’ for capturing this special moment- Milk Bath Maternity Shoots. The pure, whitewash effect of the milk can be played upon with symbolic elements of life, like flowers, and is a gorgeous way of showcasing that beautiful baby bump. Now while we cannot promise that these following photos won’t get you clucky, we can promise that its raw beauty is dazzling! 08b887ee9b3bc6b23dcb7fc366e0b8ed Image via: Bloglovin' 13722260_166982790379365_1312235530_n Image via: @neva_michelle 17438769_1084414928370600_4236653485640122368_n Image via: @rebeccalawrence_photography 17882820_173662986488814_1313942946680143872_n Image via:@gracephotography16 17883173_152272975302682_2094561335856594944_n Image via: @crazyclarine 16465020_462318030824914_7860313368890966016_n Image via: @designdaze 18644996_673143302876707_2674080590206074880_n Image via: @madisonhurleyphotography 16908875_265160913922223_7745404658507579392_n Image via: @melaniezentmeyer 18299611_109895959585738_8000382976946864128_n Image via:@jeanmarcphoto 16906573_174227176414430_6934860878537818112_n Image via: @junglydia 18812632_339353116482171_2379491463433027584_n Image via:@arturogarzaphotography 15251757_232771273822228_775660450728640512_n Image via: @megbrookephotography 18382469_1330166490434665_5455012862860722176_n Image via:@jhaganphotog

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