There are not many things we love here at OIP more than a hit of #dessertperfection, and today we are celebrating some jaw-dropping vegan delights for our vegan friends! Vegetarianism and veganism is becoming more and more popular, as the world becomes more health and environmentally conscious, and with it has come a surge in options appearing. And it goes without saying that vegan goodies are not a compromise in taste or beauty! Casting our eyes to two vegan bloggers in particular, So Beautifully Real and Elsa's Wholesome Life, we've compiled below some next-level desserts to satiate your sweet tooth!
18299799_1673290046308693_2904644325965037568_n GALAXY CHEESECAKE // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
Regardless of your motive to try it out, be that to cater for a vegan friend or family member, or simply trying it out for a healthier alternative-these desserts are guaranteed to get your mouth salivating. Vivid, full of life and utterly delicious, we think we may have to try out some of these receipes ourselves!
13734392_617050775122955_179549134_n CHOC DIPPED FRUIT // VIA: ELSA'S WHOLESOME LIFE
20766241_120993101879049_6988047335464894464_n VEGAN COTTON CANDY ICE CREAM CAKE // VIA: EDWARD AND SONS
19051849_115042952430886_474410637133348864_n RAW VEGAN GOLDEN GAYTIMES // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
20687988_1564024333660095_6219992056341725184_n VEGAN GALAXY CUPCAKES // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
17662076_1241290102658577_5287504735975243776_n VEGAN STRAWB' & CREAM SLICE // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
16908312_1817731681814492_7990670647141335040_n VEGAN DONUTS // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
20686651_333377823771336_2324069153905836032_n BLUEBERRY BOUNTY BARS // VIA: NADIA'S HEALTHY KITCHEN
18013734_269625600164609_233068869923635200_n VEGAN FROZEN YOGHURT POPS WITH CRUNCHY CHOC-NOLA // VIA: ELSA'S WHOLESOME LIFE
18722605_228321034323028_4471528144498589696_n WHITE CHOC RASPBERRY DOUBLE DECKER CHEESECAKE // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
19932970_365793793835780_1506079644401532928_n CHOC HAZELNUT + PEANUT CARAMEL // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
16788590_718509244982868_3351578150340395008_n RAINBOW SLICE // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL
14712289_1244563418918733_2708698383094120448_n LIME AVO, BLACK SESAME & CACAO RAW CAKE // VIA: ELSA'S WHOLESOME LIFE
18646406_1446757555383955_2969064591977349120_n WHITE CHOC, VANILLA & RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE // VIA: SO BEAUTIFULLY REAL

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