Do you feel like your highlighter is not giving you enough glow? Then this new fluorescent trend is must-try! A movement that is lighting up all over social media-beauty bloggers around the world are taking glow to a whole other neon level! So at OIP, we've assembled a list of ways to rock this vibrant craze! From graphic neon liner, to an all-over body fluorescent bathe, we'll show you all the ways to illuminate your beauty routine! FLUORESCENT GAZE Amp up your graphic liner and try a glow in the dark eyeliner!
eyes Images (left to right) via: @divinamuse, @lunafortun & @divinamuse
INCANDESCENT KISS A kiss you will not forget - an experience that will literally glow from memory.
LIPS Images (top left to bottom right) via: @genevievejauquet, @beauty_adept, @tobeyyoutiful_com & @genevievejauquet
IGNITED MANE Release your inner mystical creature by inflaming your tresses with fluorescent highlights!
HAIR Images (left to right) via: @misheledimariadesigns, @guy_tang & Gregory Shelukhin
NEON OUTLINES Similar to pop art make up, trace the contours of your complexion with neon liner and make yourself look like a real life drawing!
CONTOURED LINES Images (left to right) via: @theangelmakeup. @lunafortun & @divinamuse
SPLATTERED GLOW To go all out with these phosphorescent trend; douse yourself in speckled neon paint!
body Images (top left to bottom right) via: Bogi Fabian, Christine Eckardt, Pinterest & niceandsimple.co
ILLUMINATED TATTS Move out metallic tattoos and now introducing lit up designs! These neon tattoos will light up any festivity!
tattoos Images (left to right) via: John Poppleton, Pinterest, Audrey Zhukov & Pinterest

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