OIP Style - Jennifer Lawrence stuns on Vogue Collectors Edition

vogue-125th-cover Can we all take a moment and appreciate Jennifer Lawrence, as she graces Vogue’s September cover, the biggest edition in the year. The 125th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. Lawrence is in a floor length red silk dress by Ralph Lauren, our favourite look of the seven, captured by none other than Annie Leibovitz. There are several collectors edition covers with the main cover; show casing just how breathtaking Lawrence is as she stands on a boat looking out onto calm waters and the iconic Statue of Liberty in the background. We can appreciate a woman of quick wit, admirable honesty, and modesty – all of which Lawrence is. As she continues her successful career and voicing her opinion in a bid to leave a dent in the today’s society, we salute her. vogue-sep-edition jennifer-lawrence-sep-vogue jlaw-vogue-125th-edition
vogue-125th-edition-jlaw Images via: Vogue
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