How to Style a sweet grazing board

Our talented OIP style team have put together the cutest sweet grazing board. If you're having an Easter party or any party really - you should consider a lolly grazing board. You'll be surprised at what a hit it will be - it's colourful and fun. Here's how to throw one together like a pro.

Step 1

Gather your lollies - make them colourful with a range of shapes and sizes.

Gather your props - all you need is a board and some cute buckets/decorative containers (our's are from Kmart)

Step 2

Place your focal point - ours was a gorgeous cookie.

Place your buckets or decorative containers.

Sweet Grazing board

Step 3

Segment your sweet grazing board with some colourful lollies.

Sweet Grazing Platter

Step 4

Sweet perfection!

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