Kids home activities during the coronavirus disease (Covid-19)

Whether or not you have decided to self quarantine you and your family the world around us is changing at a rapid rate. We may be facing a complete lock down with closures of schools and work places. There may be little contact with friends and family and you may find yourself working from home and having to try and keep the kids entertained. We have listed a few fun activities to do with them while spending the coming days at home.

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With the amount of toilet paper flying off the shelves at this stage of the Coronavirus, people must have an abundance of supply bursting from their storage cupboards. Here are a few cute and fun activities to do with those empty toilet rolls.



What You'll Need: 2 toilet paper tubes, paint, paintbrush, hole punch, bendy plastic straws, wool, 2 pop sticks, dot stickers, 2 googly eyes, glue, scissors.

Make It:

  1. Paint the toilet paper tubes and let dry. Cute one tube in half; one half will be for the head and the other for the ears.
  2. Cut the ears and glue them to the top of one side of the head. Push the cardboard where the ears are glued, creating an indent on the head to make the ears stick up.
  3. Glue two pop sticks together to form a cross; set aside.
  4. Punch four holes on the bottom of the body for the legs. Thread two 15cm long pieces of wool through the leg holes, adding cut bendy straw pieces for the foot. Knot at each end.
  5. On the opposite side of the tube, punch the holes at both ends of the body; thread a long piece of wool (about 60cm) through the body and head. Tie to the pop stick cross.
  6. Glue on a cut bendy straw to create a tail and stick on dot stickers and googly eyes.


Clumsy Crafter

What You'll Need: 8 toilet paper tubes, paint or markers, paintbrush, red ribbon, googly eyes, glue and a stapler

Make It:

  1. Start by painting your toilet paper rolls in different colors. Let them dry for a few minutes and then go back and add details with more paint or markers.
  2. Once they are dry, lay them out in a row and decide how long you want your snake. I’ve found that 7-8 tubes make a great snake. The first tube will be the snake head and the last one will make the tail. Cut a piece of red ribbon about two to three inches longer than your toilet paper tubes are when they’re lined up.
  3. Take your red ribbon and slide the first tube onto it, all the way down to the end. Pinch the end of the tube together on both sides to make it close up. If you’re using a stapler, place the red ribbon in between the pinched sides and staple it closed, making sure the ribbon is secure and can’t be pulled out.
  4. If you are only using glue, put hot glue on each side of the toilet paper roll and then pinch and hold it closed until it is sealed with the ribbon secured. Now thread the last of your tubes onto the ribbon until you get to the last one. You’re going to repeat the same process but this time you want the extra ribbon to stick outside of the tube, forming the snake’s tongue. Secure the tube to the ribbon with glue or staples.
  5. The final step is to glue two googly eyes onto the snake’s head and then get ready to play with your new pet snake.

Some other ideas to make using your empty toilet rolls:

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