Top 10 tips for Celebrations during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Everyday life still needs to continue while the world is being affected by the Coronavirus. While large events are being cancelled and shared public places are a big no no, milestones are still being celebrated behind closed doors. We have a few tips and tricks to get you through your event if you do still decide to go ahead.

  1. Should you cancel? If your event does exceed 50 guests then yes you should think about postponing or cancelling your event at least for the next 8 weeks. Events of smaller size can still be carried out but party hosts should to adhere to guidelines.
  2. Home celebrations – are on the rise. While the general public is avoiding public places, people will now be opting for small events to be held at home. Birthdays and special occasions are still happening and need to be celebrated!
  3. Set up your own hygiene station as guests arrived. You can make this look cute and welcoming as your friends and family enter your home. This could be hand sanitiser or tissues if guests need to use them.
  4. Limit your numbers. Choose to invite only close friends and family. Let your guests know ahead of time if they are feeling unwell that they do need to stay at home. Please take the best care of the elderly; if there is too much of a risk of inviting Nanna then maybe she could enjoy the celebration virtually via Facetime.
  5. Avoid food sharing– avoid grazing tables or shared food/drinks areas. You could opt for individual lunch box ideas or pre portioned food as to limit the handling of food from your guests. Use bottled drinks instead of a drink station; this can limit the spread of germs.
  6. Labelling – this can be incorporated in such simple ways. Adding your guests names to their cups or straws can avoid accidental sharing. Everyone can keep hydrated but also know whose drink is whose.
  7. Use disposable bio degradable cutlery and crockery.
  8. Where to celebrate - If you are lucky enough to have a back yard, this space should be utilised. Your guests can spread out and enjoy each other’s company while not sharing unnecessary germs at a close in doors distance.
  9. The cake – to avoid food handling you could always bake a cupcake for each guest. These still look cute on a table or you could join them together to create your cake. Why not add a cupcake gift box for your guests to take their treat home.
  10. Don’t panic! Enjoy the moment. It’s so easy to get swooped up in the hype and running scared but the fact is don’t make the celebration about talking about the Coronavisus, just relax and enjoy the celebration for what it is.
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