INTRODUCING THE FOUNDATION SERIES Ever feel like your foundation is just not sitting right? Or maybe it’s not giving your complexion that glow or that flawlessness that you want? Foundation is something that really makes a difference in your makeup, and finding the perfect one can be a tricky journey. That is why, at OIP, we’ve decided to create the Foundation Series. If your foundation obsessed or foundation troubled - this segment is for you! In this series we’ll talk everything there is to talk about foundations, and we’ll try our very hardest to solve your foundation issues! From the top budget buys, to the finest splurges, and for the best for your skin type - all will be revealed in this series!
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LET’S KICK-START WITH THE GREASIES! We’re calling out to all our greasy pals out there, and we’re hitting off the series with you! But, maybe greasy is too forward of a word? So, let’s call it naturally luminous ;) The difficulty with naturally luminous skin is that foundation tends to slip and slide, and wear off a lot quicker than other skin types. So we’re going to tell you the best foundations out there that will hold your oils at bay and keep you flawless for longer! Just to note, that these foundation recommendations are not for those who have oily skin as well as dry patches - we have a separate post coming for you! Estee Lauder - Double Wear: THE MVP This foundation is numero uno - the number one all rounder for oily skin types! This gem is renowned in the beauty industry and is arguably amongst the most loved. Beyond doubt, Double Wear is one of the most repurchased foundations as it controls oil like no other and always promises a fail-safe, long-wearing, flawless complexion. QUICK FACTS: Estee Lauder - Double Wear FINISH: Semi - Matte COVERAGE: Medium to Full FORMULA: Runny, thin liquid Lightweight feel Oil free Non-acnegenic (won’t clog pores!) Dermatologist-tested Fragrance-Free LASTING POWER: All Day! - The longest wearing foundation in this list! LANCÔME - Teint Idole Ultra Wear: THE NEWCOMER Lancôme’s new foundation baby has become a total hit! Released this year of 2017, this complexion newbie has quickly become a holy grail for many beauty lovers - especially for oily skin pals! Asserting a 24h lasting power, this buttery formula is not only acclaimed for its longevity but, also its comfortability, coverage, velvety natural matte finish and, of course, its oil regulation!
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QUICK FACTS: LANCÔME - Teint Idole Ultra Wear FINISH: Natural Matte COVERAGE: Medium to Full FORMULA: Creamy, silky, dense consistency Weightless feel Oil-free Non - Comedogenic Perlite and silica - effective oil-absorbing ingredients NAI pigments - inhibits foundation oxidising Eternalsoft Polymer - increases comfortability Signature Lancome Rosy scent LASTING POWER: All day! REVLON - ColorStay Makeup For Combo/Oily Skin: THE BEST ON BUDGET It is undeniable that if you’re on a budget and you have oily skin - you must try Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation! A long-loved jewel, Colorstay is yet another fool-proof foundation that has impeccable coverage, lasting power and oil control!
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QUICK FACTS: REVLON - ColorStay Makeup For Combo/Oily Skin FINISH: Matte COVERAGE: Medium to Full FORMULA: Creamy texture Oil-free SPF 15 SoftFlex technology - making it transfer resistent LASTING POWER: All day! L’OREAL - Pro-Matte Foundation: THE SOCIAL MEDIA CRAZED This L’oreal foundation has taken over social media and is a favourite for many oily skin types. With a demi-matte finish, the Pro-Matte has a lightweight feel, creamy consistency and incredible longevity. It is loved by beauty gurus: LusreLux, Tati and Shaaanxo - just to name a few!
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QUICK FACTS: L’OREAL - Pro-Matte Foundation FINISH: Natural Matte COVERAGE: Medium FORMULA: Creamy, smooth consistency Contains Shine Defy Blotting Spheres that instantly absorbs sweat and oil LASTING POWER: All day!

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