Korean beauty has entered into the Western cosmetic realm, and beauty fanatics are obsessed! Everyone wants to know their skincare secrets to a glowing complexion, and how their makeup always looks so youthful and fresh. So, at OIP we thought that we would let you in on some of their makeup secrets! From their radiant skin to puppy dog eyes to gradient lips, you will discover some of their hidden makeup tips! FRESH DEWY SKIN Unlike in Western makeup where full coverage flawlessness seems to be more predominant, Korean beauties like a more natural, glowing complexion. Brightening primers and lighter bases such as cushion foundations, CC and BB creams are preferred to give a more radiant look. Concealer is also used sparingly in only areas that are needed - such as to cover darkness in the inner corner of the eyes and mouth area and, to hide redness around the nose.
base Images (left to right) via: Pinterest, Style Nanda & Pinterest
PUPPY EYES The main focus of Korean eye makeup is to make the eyes appear bigger and brighter. So, instead of a fierce winged out look, Koreans desire an innocent puppy or doll eye effect. To achieve this, brown liquid liner is often used and extended downward. Moreover, sheer reds, pinks, golds and orange eyeshadows are on trend and are applied on the outer corner and blended inwards. A light shimmery bottom liner is applied to open up the eyes, and lashes are kept natural and wispy . Lastly, Koreans like a straighter brow with a slight curve and, they are filled in subtly with a lighter shade.
EYE Images (left to right) via: Pinterest, Stylesha & Pinterest
APPLE CHEEKS To make the skin look even more youthful, cushion blush and cream highlighter is often applied right on the apple of the cheeks to give a bouncy plumpness to the skin.
cheeks Images (top left to bottom right) via: Style Nanda, Korean Makeup, Pinterest & Style Nanda
GRADIENT LIP Pink, ruby and coral lip tints are much loved by Koreans. And, rather than applying lipstick all over the lip, Koreans opt for a gradient lip where the tint is deposited in the centre and blended towards the edges.
lip 2 Images (left to right) via: Polyvore & Pinterest
V-SHAPE A soft contour is applied on the nose and jawline to emphasise a more v-shaped face.
BeFunky Collage Images (left to right) via: Pinterest & Pinterest

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