OIP BEAUTY - Pink It Out!

Think Pink! Seen on-screen in Legally Blonde to on the streets on Gigi Hadid and Jessica Alba, pink is one of those colours that is always seen in style. Both a statement and a delicate colour, it is associated with such words as sweet, tender and romantic, although it can also be bold and striking. Many view pink in beauty as too OTT , however, at OIP we have gathered a mixture of makeup, nail and hair looks to show you how to wear blush tones in both a natural and bold way! Soft & Romantic Many people are scared when they hear pink eyeshadow however, as you see below, pink eyeshadow can be worn naturally. These elegant styles are perfect for romantic getaways and weddings.
SOFT:NATURAL Images (top left to bottom right) via: @makeupbyalinna, @melissasassinemakeup, @makeup_char_ & Vogue Brasil
Drama Drama For a bolder approach, try a cut crease! This technique is striking and is sure to draw attention to the eyes.
BeFunky Collage Images (top left to bottom right) via: @makeupbyalinna, @chelseamakeup, @doyouevenblend & @stayupandmakeup_
Pink Kiss Matte, gloss, glitter and metallic, there are so many different ways you can wear a pink lip. Whether you are going for a nude pink or a bold vibrant pink, there will be a hue for you!
pink lips , Images (top left to bottom right) via: @jeffreestarcosmetics, @missjazminad, @jadeywadey180 & Pinterest
Blush Locks For those a little more adventurous with their hair colour, consider these beautiful pink tresses. Either try a bright pink or more of a silver pink.
hair Images (top left to bottom right) via: Pinterest, Pinterest, nealmhair & @evelina
Barbie Manicure Here are some pink nail ideas for your next appointment!
Nails Images (top left to bottom right) via: Pinterest, Pinterest, The Lazy Angels, @wakeupandmakeup & Pinterest

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