Oh to be young again! Sometimes the ladies at OIP find ourselves pondering about what it would be like to have a slumber party in 2018 (instead of the early 90's!). Well, instead of dreaming about it, we thought we would make the dream a reality! Seriously, being a little kid in today's day and age, they have thought of everything!

With the help of Sweet Dreams and Goodnight (The FIRST Slumber party business in Australia) that dream is now a reality for three lucky little ducklings named Taylah, Stella & Luciana from Casting Kids.

The theme for the sleepover party was "Pancakes & Pyjamas" - doesn't get any cuter than that! It only makes sense to shake your sillies out in the most comfortable, warm and adorable pyjamas and robes from Four in the Bed. They got to sleep in the prettiest canopy tents in rose gold and white lace (we've been dreaming of this colour palette forever!) with matching sheets and breakfast trays as well. To make the tents extra special, each little girl received a personalised "dream catcher" from Bella Rowz as well as flower crowns to match. But no party is complete without an outrageous amount of balloons! Thanks to the team at Poppies For Grace, these sleepy kids were mesmerised by counting balloons, not sheep - to sleep.

But it was what was on the breakfast trays that excited these chicks the most: My Creative Box arts and craft box filled with an incredible amount of goodies, to keep those hands busy - especially when Mum is trying to get breakfast sorted for the next morning. As well as Glitter slime from The Slime Princess Shop, if you have a little girl, you know right now that this is the CRAZE! It's non-toxic, and actually made by an 8 year old girl (girl power!) so you definitely are supporting local with this one.

Speaking of the next morning, it did eventually come around, and instead of breakfast in bed, they got a breakfast dessert table (because why not!?). Patty Cake Patty Cake by Fleur made the best looking pancake stack cake, a waffle stack cake, and a strawberry tower and meringue kisses! The girls were also spoiled for choice with their drinks as well, either pink grapefruit punch or strawberry milk. After all of that, it only makes sense to wash away all the sugar with some natural toothpaste from Grants of Australia, providing us the goods in blueberry flavour!

All this fun was only made possible thanks to The Studio Melbourne, where we captured all this magic.

Life (and sleepovers) can sometimes be so wonderful!


Creative concept, Styling & Photography: Oh It's Perfect Models: Casting Kids Venue: The Studio Melbourne Sleepover tents: Sweet Dreams and Goodnight Arts & Craft Box: My Creative Box Pyjamas & Robes: Four in the Bed Toothpaste: Grants of Australia Glitter Slime: Slime Princess Shop Dream catcher & Flower crowns: Bella Rowz Balloons: Poppies For Grace Desserts: Patty Cake Patty Cake by Fleur

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