Seaside Soiree

A Seaside Soiree done whilst toasting Verve and indulging in delicious cake and a mouthwatering platter spread sounds like the perfect accessory for the views of the southern beaches of Gold Coast. Klaras House has done just this and shown many of us beach dwellers how to relax in style. Th1s picnic done by the sea is classy and beautiful, it seems like something out of a romantic film. A white/neutral colour palette looks lovely against the scenery and the general bohemian aesthetic compliments the beach setting. The comfy pillows and wood seen with the food spread creates a rustic and calm atmosphere. Though it may be cold where we are, the pictures of this Soiree transport us to the luxurious warm coast and we feel ready to sip and snack by the oceans blue.

Now if this Soiree wasn't luxurious enough then take a look at the food and drinks. The lucky couple which got to enjoy this picnic sipped on champagne in elegant crystal glasses and ate a delectable platter featuring sandwiches, wraps, pies, bread, fruit and other sapid snacks. Now what is any event without some cake? At this picnic a trendy bohemian cake can be seen. This cake is a "naked" cake meaning it hasn't been iced fully and leaves patches of cakes seen. It is also decorated in various plant and flowers which furthermore enhance the rustic vibes of the soiree. Overall all of these snacks and drink go together fluently and increase the bohemian qualities of the picnic and look like something anyone would want to photograph and upload to their instagram feed.

At this soiree a calm white/neutral colour palette is used as seen in many beach side events . Such a colour palette might be used so often because of how beautiful it looks on the beach against the sand. Another sea-side classic is the bohemian aesthetic which looks stunning and classy with the plants and ocean of the coast. This serene atmosphere is enhanced by white cotton pillows and mat in addition to the wood table and decor. If you are looking to do something like this seaside picnic then we would recommend also using such bohemian decor because of its minimalist properties which are easy to replicate as well as the elegance and beauty it displays against the beach scenery. You can replicate this decor using such white cotton seating and table runners, many plants (Such as the cotton flower, dried roses, palm tree leaves and cacti) , serving food on ceramic plates of muted colours or wooden platters and plenty of candles for when it becomes dark. (If your'e on a budget, look no further than Kmart or Target to buy some of these decor pieces. )

This sea-side picnic is perfect for your next event, it's classy and luxurious despite being simplistic and minimalistic. The rustic vibes will look fabulous in pictures and be memorable for those attending. More importantly such a soiree will be perfect for when you need to relax and take your mind off all your worries. So make sure to sit back, relax and take in the sea for your next event!

VENDORS: Luxe seaside soiree picnic by @klaras_house
Stunning blooms by @marypoppies
Photoshoot by
Delish platter by @served_with_love
Mouthwatering cake by @theremustbecake
Custom menus and signage by @justbecause_prints

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