It’s FINALLY our favourite time of the year- Christmas! This time of the year is a jolly time for all: family, food, festivities, and a few thoughtful gifts from loved ones. It can be a great opportunity to appreciate the people around us and spend some quality time with family and friends. This year, follow us as we share our story of Aston’s (played by Shane) family Christmas Lunch, and also when he brings home his new ‘gift’ to the family - his lovely girlfriend Sam (played by Calu) - but will she be a gift in everyone’s eyes?


If you’re anything like us and want to come out of a Christmas feast with a food belly that could challenge even Santa’s hearty ol’ tummy then boy have we got a feast for you! Cookes Catering created the most exquisite Christmas spread we have ever laid our eyes on!

And once everyone was stuffed but ready to bring on round two (DESSERTS!) we had them covered! With the help of some marvelous meringues and cookies by Loryn Loves, a macaron tower by Ladurée, cake pops by Raymond, some adorable reindeer strawberries by Strawberry Avenue, and some next-level Christmas cakes by Sweet Ems Cakes- everyone was absolutely blown away!


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or are on some weird Instagram-cleanse) you would have seen that red and pink are kind of a big deal right now. In one moment the fashion and design overlords forbid us from daring to commit a styling ‘no-no’, and in the next moment, they’re embracing it. Who makes these rules? And how is it possible that something once considered a fashion faux pas is now one of the season’s hottest colour combos?! Well, whatever the reason for the change of heart- we dig it! There is something so bold, so fiercely feminine about this colour combination that has got us dazzled! Whether it’s fuschia and russet or blush and ruby- clashing colours has never been so #onpoint!


To celebrate Christmas, we wanted to banish the traditional colour palette and go for this daring and dazzling colour combination with everything from the AMAZING Christmas tree and florals by Local Love Co, to the vivid balloons by Blowout Balloons. Thanks to the gorgeous stationery and bonbons from Alpine Events Co, along with some amazing decor by My Event Decor- this #oipchristmas is the most stylish yet! Our fabulous models were dolled up with the help of Inglot on makeup and the team from Schwarzkopf & Heading Out Hair & Beauty on hair with their outfits provided by The Iconic.The amazing furniture, provided by Harry the Hirer was absolute perfection- in particular, their INCREDIBLE couches! Um, want-want-WANT! All the spectacular signage was thanks to Etched Perth. Big thanks to everyone who made this fabulous day possible and a MERRY (and fabulous) Christmas to all!


Gift-giving is one of the best things about Christmas time. Being able to see your loved ones faces light up when they are surprised at how well you actually know them. This year is no different, and Christmas with children is a whole new ball game - you really have to make their day! It doesn’t have to be materialistic - but more so a token of how much you appreciate them is always going to win over some hearts.

For Aston’s nephews and niece, especially the little ones, they aren’t going to pretend to like his gifts to protect his feelings, so when he nailed it with his choices from Toys’ R’ Us and we see that happy look on their faces, you know it’s genuine!

For Aston’s dad, who is a bit of a coffee aficionado, the perfect gift was so incredibly obvious - a Nespresso machine decked out with festive flavours and ready-to-caffeinate.

Aston’s beautiful mum was spoiled rotten with some delicious smelling soy candles from Dusk, in the form of an advent calendar and Marc Jacob's Daisy Fragrance.

And last but not least, his sister received some amazing products by Brazilian Butterfly, as she definitely deserves a good pamper being a mother of three!

But the best gift of all - was introducing Sam to his family this Christmas. How will it go?!


Christmas is a time of unity, acceptance and forgiveness. When Sam first arrived at Aston’s family Christmas Lunch, she was wrought with nerves. Making that first impression was everything to her, and while Aston’s mum and sister initially were apprehensive, Sam knew just the way to win them over- by dazzling the kids! They say that it’s often in times of crisis that we show our true colours. Well, when Aston’s sister took a fall, Sam didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand and her soft and caring side shone as bright as a Christmas star. In no time, Aston’s family could see that Sam’s beauty wasn’t just skin-deep and welcomed her into their home and family with open arms. Big thanks to everyone who made this fabulous day possible and a MERRY (and fabulous) Christmas to all! VENDORS: Balloons: Blowout Balloons Florals and Christmas Tree: Local Love Co Decor: My Event Decor Furniture: Harry the Hirer Christmas sacks and cushions: Sack Me Stationery and bonbons: Alpine Events Co Catering: Cookes Catering Macaron Tower: Ladurée Cakes: Sweet Ems Cakes Meringues and Cookies: Loryn Loves Cake pops: Raymond Strawberries: Strawberry Avenue Makeup: Inglot Hair: Schwarzkopf Professional & Heading Out Hair & Beauty Wardrobe: The Iconic Earrings: Mikasan Store Signage: Etched Perth MODELS: Calu, Shane, Jess, Karen, Tyler, Howard, Harlow, Jett. GIFTS: Candles: Dusk Toys: Toys R Us Perfume: Marc Jacobs Coffee machine: Nespresso Tan highlighter, body wash, scrub, lotion: Brazilian Butterfly SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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