Sparkle with OIP - Melbourne

Sparkle with OIP successfully hit Melbourne last month! It was the first of many and we are so excited to announce that we will be travelling around Australia to a capital city near you!

For those of you who did not get to attend we have pictures to get you excited for the next one!

Sparkle with OIP is a 1 day event that treats the senses. It's inspirational, whether it be treating your mind, self confidence, nutrition or making you feel great. Sparkle touched on all of these. Relax and retreat whilst being pampered and indulged. It is the perfect balance of glamour and wellness.

To kick off Sparkle we had Leah from Love Leah Celebrant guide the attendees through each Sparkling station and Eddie from Rinaldo Entertainment had the tunes pumping! We were in the good vibes mood and ready to go!

We began the day with Relax and Reflect, our attendees checked in, grabbed their Sparkly passports and headed down to our yoga area. Kaitlyn from Barrebody created the right mood with her custom yoga class just for us. She catered for the newbies as well as the experienced yogis. Our bodies and our minds were feeling loose and loved up, we were ready for what was next.

We headed up stairs for our ‘How to be a Unicorn’ Workshop with the Loretta from Nourished Energy. There is a lot we can learn from Unicorns - they represent infinite possibility, magic and transformation. Loretta spoke about how we can harness our inner Unicorn, to live a life of our dreams. Ashleigh Bell from Balanced by Ashleigh Bell then finished off the workshop with a 10 minute meditation and sound healing.

Next was Nourish! We had sure worked up an appetite and were all ready to nourish our bodies from the inside out. Jarryd and Brooke from Juiced life had a cart full of goodies for us to try. Some delicious items that really stood out were the wellness shots, protein balls and the mini meals. These were not only delicious but the Juiced Life guys were there to educate us on what was in each item and why it’s good for us.

Keep it Simple Shani served up some rainbow plant based buddha bowls, with - turmeric roasted cauliflower, roasted root vegetables, shredded beetroot relish, house made smoked hummus, spiced chickpeas and kale.

Next it was smoothie time! Bike n Blend had 2 of their pedal powered smoothie bikes on hand. It was so much fun all you had to do was choose your smoothie flavour, jump on and start pedalling.

We then needed to cool off from all that peddling with an acai bowl. My Daily Acai were there creating acai bowls topped with fresh strawberries and granola, Yum!

Our tummies were full, we were now ready to feel Inspired with our guest speakers. Can we get a ‘Hell Yeah!’ for The Queen of Confidence, Miss Erika Cramer! She chatted all things confidence, be who the f*ck you are and FWOT! Perfection erodes connection really resonated with the crowd. She spoke about perfection in social media and how that can affect us.

Next up was Lola Berry who spoke about looking after your mental health and it's connection with healthy nutrition. She shared tips about making smart nutritional choices and how to make mental health a priority in our lives.

We were all feeling inspired and ready to move to the Pamper portion of the day. Aurora Spa were there treating attendees to Lavender or Grapefruit Oil Arm and Hand Massage or Relaxation Scalp Massage with a Rose Hydrosol Spritz to close the treatment.

Our attendees loved getting their eye brows shaped with Brow Theory, who specialise in eye brow shaping using the threading technique.

Dry and Tea were also offering their signature blow waves and hair styles. You could sit down with one of their stylists and choose a look from their menu. Ta-Da transformed into your Sparkly self!

Now everyone was feeling relaxed and pampered and we sped things back up with our Move section. Amelia from Barrebody created an awesome dance cardio class for us, we got our salsa on while working up a sweat to some awesome tunes!

To finish off the day we had Happy Hour where the gorgeous Miss Fizz, a custom pink caravan, was serving bubbles and Kombucha mocktails.

Sparkle could not have been possible without our styling partners:

Florals by Botanics on Melbourne, signage and decals by Jane and Co Crafts, furniture from House of Confetti Events and balloons by Blowout Balloons.

Each sparkly attendee was lucky enough to take home an epic goodie bag filled with delicious treats, vouchers. In each bag there was a Sofi Spritz beverage, Chocolate from Pana Organic, Dipped and Dusted Almonds from Shelbys, Protein balls from Bounce, Organic Vitamin Tea from Eloments Tea, personal care products from Aspar, Shroom Brew from Knowrish Well, collagen beauty sachets from Nutra Organics, 1 complimentary class from Barrebody, and vouchers from Aurora Spa and Dry and Tea.

It was such a successful day! All our attendees has such a great time and felt amazing inside and out!

Grab your yoga mats Brisvegas gal pals, we will be seeing you next – Sparkle with OIP will be in Brisbane February 2020!

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