Sugar Rush Soiree + DIY

Hello! I’m Amy from The Glitter in My Tea, and I’m thrilled to be guest posting for Oh It’s Perfect! First of all, if there’s one thing you should know about The Glitter in My Tea (and me), it’s that I’m a major fan of colour. And I gleaned my inspiration for this sugary-themed party from candy itself! I love the many textures and, of course, the bajillion different colors of candy! So Sugar Rush Soiree was almost too easy for me to make for this guest post. (I had a lot of fun!) Psst - below you'll find two DIY’s. First, are the candy garlands, and second, are the cotton candy party hats! I hope you enjoy! Sugar Rush Soiree 1 Sugar Rush Soiree 2 Sugar Rush Soiree 3

Candy Garlands DIY

  • Assorted candy in various colors, sizes, and textures
  • Hand-quilting needle (it’s thicker and longer than normal needles)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Optional: damp rag
  • Optional: thimble
  1. Begin by cutting a piece of embroidery thread to the length you desire.
  2. If you want to plan out the aesthetic of your garland, arrange candy in the order you plan on threading them onto the embroidery thread. Thread the needle (don’t tie a knot, or anything).
  3. Start threading the candy onto the thread by poking the needle through the center of the candy. Wipe off the needle after stabbing through sticky candy, if needed. Wear a thimble to push the needle through particularly hard candy (like gumballs), if necessary. NOTE: Since some candy is very sticky, it’s hard to pull it all the way from one end of the thread to the other end. I found that it’s much easier (and cleaner) if you thread candy only to the middle of the garland, remove the needle from where you first threaded it, then put it on the other end, and finish adding candy.
Sugar Rush Soiree 5

Cotton Candy Party Hats DIY

  • Tall party hats (or normal party hats)
  • Striped scrapbook paper, 12X12 sheets
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Sewing stuffing
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pastel pink spray paint
  1. If you plan on covering your party hats with the striped scrapbook paper, start by carefully disassembling the party hats.
  2. Apply the glue stick to the surface of the party hat, and then press the scrapbook paper to the party hat. Smooth out any bubbles.
  3. Flip the whole thing over, and cut out the party hat. Reassemble the hat. Repeat steps 1-3 for all party hats.
  4. Grab a handful of stuffing, and work it into a log shape long enough to wrap around the base of the party hat.
  5. Use hot glue to glue the stuffing to the base of the hat. Be careful you don’t burn your fingers! Let the hot glue cool.
  6. Head outside or somewhere well ventilated, and spray a light coat of pastel pink spray paint to the stuffing. This will make the stuffing look more cotton candy-like! Let the paint dry completely. NOTE: If you’re spraying lightly and little enough, you don’t need to worry about getting spray paint on the party hat. It hardly shows up! But if you’re still nervous, wrap a piece of plastic wrap around the hat, and secure it with a piece of tape.
Sugar Rush Soiree 4 Thanks for tuning in to my Sugar Rush Soiree! It’s been a pleasure sharing my DIY’s with you!

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