Sweet 6 Months PARTY

Here at Oh it's perfect we are crazy for anything pink or shiny, This sweet 6 months party happens to be both! This party thrown by 3rd and Luxe for the adorable baby-girl Gwenivere Joy is something straight out of our carnival-glam dreams. It seems that no detail has been left unseen, everything from the wall decor, drink station and dessert table is appealing to the eye and ties together effortlessly and provides a lovely ambience for such a fun party.


The dessert table is intricate and every single thing on the table looks to die for! The cake is a perfect centre-piece, it stands high on a pretty pink stand managing to look delicious and elegant all at once. The pink cupcake ferris wheel is not only fun but adorable and compliments the pink popcorn and apples. The beverages and cotton candy machine are cute and are accentuated by the tiny tickets, glitter and cupcakes around them. Overall every snack and dessert at this glam-carnival is vibrant, fun and of course done to pink perfection!


Now what is a party without decor? The rose gold fringe provides a perfect shiny backdrop to the pink desserts and gold banner, the flowers and pieces of glitter scattered on the table help enhance the look of the desserts around them. And Who can forget the balloons? The balloons tie together every other element with their various pattern and colours and overall accentuate the glam tone of the party. This event was by no means boring, it was fun, adorable and WOW in every way. The decor though shiny and pink, was never excessive and managed to consistently stun and make this glam-carnival make Gwenivere's 6 months just that much sweeter.


3 Piece Crystal cake Stand Set: Amalfi Decor

Even Design, Styling, Catering, Balloons, Florals & Photography: 3rd & Luxe

Glitter Cake & Cupcake Toppers: Glitter Party Co

Strawberry Lemonade: Lade Beverages

Strawberry Peach Ginger-Are: Hyi Flave Drinks

Adorable 6-Month-Old: Gwenivere Joy

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