You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!! Summer celebrations are best spent cooling off and what better way to do that than with ice cream? ICE-CREAM-PARTY-TIPS-IDEAS The soft colours of gelati are a match made in heaven for so many different types of celebrations. Whether it be a birthday party, Christening or wedding there are heaps of DIY ideas for your party decorations. I love the ice cream cone garland used here by Helen from Kiss my cakes. What are you going to need? One of the biggest questions is will you make your own ice cream or buy it? I’m a big believer in not taking on more than I can handle when throwing a party because it’s meant to be fun! There are lots of gourmet options at the shop these days so you don’t just have to settle for just chocolate and vanilla. It’s great to be able to offer your guests a selection of different flavours - 3 or 5 different ice creams are a great number to offer. Catering for food intolerances can be tricky at a party. Sorbet is a great dairy free alternative and you don’t need an ice cream machine to make it at home either. If you’d like to offer guests a healthier option frozen yoghurt is really delicious and so easy. If you’re planning an event for adults why not add a grown up twist to their dessert by spiking your recipe? It can be tricky to get alcoholic ice cream to set due to the low freezing temperature of the alcohol but two dedicated ladies have cracked the code and written a book with boozy treats you can make at home. Ice Cream Happy Hour has 50 different recipes that are sure to have your guests feeling merry. The trickiest part of this concept is keeping the ice cream cold. You can always serve your dessert straight from the freezer (pre-scooped ice cream is a great time saver) or keep it on ice for gorgeous presentation. Here’s a couple of great ideas for keeping cold treats frozen and looking amazing as well from Honestly Yum and Pen N’ Paperflowers. ICE-CREAM-PARTY-TIPS-IDEAS Toppings are a must at an ice cream bar. There are so many different options to choose from including:
  • Sauces (e.g. chocolate, caramel, strawberry)
  • Nuts
  • Wafers
  • Lollies
  • Fresh fruit
  • Sprinkles
  • Chocolate
It’s a really good idea to use food labels so that your guests know what each yummy treat is, especially if you’re serving nuts. Amy from Eat Drink Chic styled this stunning DIY Ice Cream Parlour Bar and you can download her gorgeous free printables here. ICE-CREAM-PARTY-TIPS-IDEAS As you can see in this stunning image from XOXO Bride as seen on Style Me Pretty ice cream bars aren’t just for kids. This heart shaped pan is adorable filled with condiments. The ice cream concept goes perfectly with the rustic, whimsical styling so popular right now. ICE-CREAM-PARTY-TIPS-IDEAS If you’re searching for sweet products to use with your ice cream party Simply Sweet Soirees has a whole category devoted entirely to supplies that are perfect for your theme including ice cream cups, wooden ice cream spoons and scoops, popsicle sticks, candy cups and much more! Simply Sweet Soirees Written By Nicole and Mardi of Simply Sweet Soirees

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