Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2020

Around the world weddings have been cancelled and postponed due to Covid-19. In some parts of the country we are now allowed to have 20 guests which is great news for couples who only want a small wedding anyway. If you’re still in the planning stages of your wedding and want to get married in 2020/2021 then we have compiled a list of trends you may want to consider into your design and styling.

1. Planted Aisles - are made to look as though the flowers and foliage are growing out of the ground. It instantly transforms a space into a beautiful lush garden. Florists are using pots, low arrangements and scattered dirt/rocks to complete the look.

2. Dried Arrangements - If you haven't already jumped on the dried floral arrangement band wagon then you are missing out. These beauties can last a lifetime if looked after well. They can be a little more costly than fresh arrangements as florists need to preserve the flowers and foliage so they last. They can look gorgeous on their own or mixed with fresh flowers.

3. Layered Geometric Signage - How gorgeous are clean lines and block colours?! You are speaking our language. We absolutely adore these signage ideas, they're easy to read, draw the eye in and can add a great decor element into any wedding.

4. Warm Earthy Tones - If you're not already drooling over our top ten trends then have a look as some of these gorgeous warm earthy tones Brides are sorting after. Colours include: Terracotta, Clay, Camel, Walnut, Chocolate, Mocha and Tan. Adding little touches of these colours into your design elements like napkins, bridesmaid dress, flowers, signage, candles can really take your wedding to the next level and be the envy of your friends.

5. Simple Stationery - Bring it back to basics! We are seeing a lot of high quality card stock being used and printing processes to create these stunning stationery pieces. Choosing beautifully simple typography printed or pressed onto some lush card, say no more.

6. Show Me Some Skin Wedding Dresses - This style may not suit all body types but if you are prepared to show some skin and Nanna wont fall off her chair when she sees you then these dresses could be for you!

7. Artistic Influence - Minimalism is sure making a come back especially being incorporated into weddings and home decor. They can be beautifully drawn images or painted abstract shapes. Couples can be seen using this style on stationery or signage.

8. Clever Seating Charts - Couples and Stylists are getting so creative with seating charts. They are using props as a basis or even creating custom builds to make a seating chart a real show stopper. You could make it apart of your clever decor or you could incorporate a cute keepsake or your guests.

9. Bows - If you have been patently waiting for bows to make a come back, now is their time! Over exaggerated bows on dresses, bows on cakes or a sweet detail on a shoe. We cannot get enough of this girly touch.

10. Tiered Cakes - Ever wanted just one more slice of cake at a wedding? Well now you can! The tiered wedding cake is making a comeback and they are as delicious and dreamy as ever...

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