To go with a wedding cake or not to go with a wedding cake? - That is the question!

Here at OIP we are reviewing one of the tough questions that couples have of their wedding plan list: Should we choose a cake or desserts? We're not siding with either but merely bringing you the facts and couples can make their own decision on what will suit them best.

Wedding Desserts

Wedding desserts can give the wow factor! Paired with a few different types can really pack a punch on a dessert table. They can be matched with the themed colours, textures and styles. Stylist and couples are getting creative with the types of desserts they choose and how its presented. The selection of platter, stand or plate can be just as important as the dessert that is chosen to go on top. The great thing about choosing a selection of desserts for a wedding is guests can try a number of different types and they look amazing styled perfectly.

Chocolate covered strawberries

Iced donuts

Mini chocolate strawberry layer cakes

Donut bites

Pavlova cups

Tiered assorted dessert bar

Cake popsicles

Wedding Cake

We are seeing a come back of the traditional wedding cake. Bakers and designers are getting even more creative with the types of ingredients they are using, flavors, florals, tiers, shapes and finishes. The humble fruit cake with the traditional white vanilla icing is long gone! Couples usually like to opt for the wedding cake option because of its presence; it can look spectacular on its own, a real feature of the room. The cake cutting part of the reception is a crowd pleaser and is part of the usual story line of most weddings. The cake can tie the whole design theme together nicely. Couples can use the cake as a dessert option for guests too.



Boutique Cake Art

Oh best day ever

Amy Swann

Visca wedding

Cake Ink

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