Wild One Party

What a wild party for this special little one's first birthday! A muted down, pastel safari themed party celebrated the joys this now one year old has experienced in the first year of her life!

One cake just won't do! Three beautiful, delicate cakes were produced by Cakes By Robin. Their organic nature, fulled with soft colouring really enhanced the natural vibe of this party. The chocolate shards produced a feather-like texture that matched perfectly with the birthday girl's feather crown! Whilst the adorable, gold animal toppers contrasted beautifully and created a statement accent colour that flowed through to the other desserts.

The monochromatic balloons by Bubblegum Balloons worked in harmony against the floral arrangement by All For Love London. The simple, elegant placement flowed magically against the contours of the wall to create a soft shape.

Altogether, the placement and colour choice of this party is subtle and not overdone due to the alluring colouring. It has created a beautiful, organic set up that flows wonderfully within the space, and each element has intertwined magnificently.

OIP hopes this little one enjoyed her own safari, and to continue exploring her own safari called life!

Design & Styling: Jordan Kusi

Photography: Helen Warner Photography

Desserts: Cakes By Robin

Flowers: All For Love London

Balloons: Bubblegum Balloons

Props: Jordan Kusi

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