Yaslene's Spa Party

Girly, fun, glam and yet simplistic. This slightly modern take on a girls birthday party has all the heart eyes from us. White table cloth, a statement cake , flowers everywhere and of course an epic balloon garland. I'm sure little me would have freaked out if I had seen this spa party styled by One Social Design. A spa party is perfect to make the birthday girl (and her guests) feel like a princess for the day. Mani-pedis, bathrobes, arts and crafts, drinks and tons of pink (Obvi) will be sure to make a fun time for all.

A spa party needs some spa activities and One Social Design did not leave any stone unturned. The mani-pedi station is super cool! You walk in and an array of different colours welcome you, how could you ever choose! The plush cushioned seats look like a perfect spot to sit back and chill with your friends. Next the arts and crafts station, We'd like to believe that no matter how old you get arts and crafts is always tons of fun. The station is very simple, but still overflowing with cuteness. Face painting is a kids party staple! So its a no brainer that we see face paint being featured here as-well. Though the party decor is very elegant and some may even say mature, the activities really bring the life and fun to the party.

The food & drinks are necessary at every event. The desserts at this birthday bash look divine! Everything on the dessert table follows the same colour palate and looks very cohesive together. Following the simplistic tones of the rest of the decor, the dessert table is also very neutral and compliments the flowers and sign above it. The cake at this birthday party stands high amongst the other desserts and looks stunning. The blush pink coloured 2 tier cake is ornamented with tiny flowers and we love how it looks next to the white flowers. The donuts and macaroons near the cake are in the same colour and really tie together with the rest of the decor. Simply gorgeous!

The decor screams elegance. The colour tones are very neutral and never look to busy. The main colours seen throughout are blush pink and white, which compliment each other brilliantly. There are blue notes sprinkled throughout , but they do not distract from the smoothness of the rest of the decor. White flowers surround the dessert table and they have their own gravitas and magnificence amongst the other decor. A pop of vibrancy is seen in the balloons on the staircase. Blue, peach, pink and white. Vibrancy against simplicity may look awkward at times but over here it look in place and adds to the ambience of the party. The activity elements all look cool and cute (and never overdone or out of place). We love how every element compliments the next and such class is quite rare in an 8th birthday bash but its gorgeous when done correctly.

Over all, this party is fit for a princess and looks like tons of fun. The decor is elegant and can be replicated when on a budget. We love the blush pink and white colours everywhere and the cute activity stations. The snacks and drinks look scrumptious and totally adorbs. More than anything, the most important thing is the smiles put on everyones faces and such a party will bring them to the birthday girl and her guests. So robe up, sit back, relax and get ready to party like a spa princess.

VENDORS: Design & Planning @onesocialdesign
Photography @bguizarphotos
Signage @creativeamme
Florals @victoriasgardenanaheim
Cake & Sweets @amriels_cakes
Spa activities @thenailtruck
Art activities @arty.party.la
Face Painting @pro.facepainting
Linen @stephanieslinens
Balloons & Bar Rental @onesocialdesign

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