9 Christmas Decoration Ideas

Red, green, silver, gold or white, Christmas lends itself to so many decorating options. You can stick with the traditional Christmas colours or you can step away from traditional and do something unusual. Anything goes but here are some decorating ideas no matter what your colour palette or Christmas theme.

1. Christmas Tree

Everybody loves a Christmas Tree - make your Christmas tree the main feature of your room. It can be a beautiful real tree, fake tree or even a styled 'tree'.

Traditional Christmas Tree

via Lolly Jane

Christmas Tree

via Christmas.365greetings

Small Christmas Tree

via Bed, Bath n' Table

Branch Christmas tree

via Mum's Grapevine

Minimalist Christmas tree

via Apartment Therapy

2. Wreath

Wreaths are great for the door but they can add an extra flair to indoors too, in fact, you don't even need to stick with a circle shape - check out the candy cane wreath below.

Traditional Wreath

via Etsy

Christmas Wreath

via HomeCNB

Candy Christmas Wreath

via Etsy

3. Ornaments

Christmas baubles are fun and festive - you don't only have to hang them on the tree - you can put them on some string to dangle across a doorway or you can put them into a jar as a table decoration. They're very versatile and will immediately add to the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Baubles

via Dwell Studio

Christmas baubles in lantern

via Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

Christmas bauble in a jar

via Christmas.365greetings

4. Candles

Nothing adds to the ambience like candles - create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere with some beautiful candles. Tall, short or in glass jars - candles are a must-have.

tall Christmas candles

via Kind of Mine

Christmas candles

via Pure Wow

Christmas candles outdoor

via Christmas.365greetings

5. Flowers

Flowers are beautiful - no matter what the occasion - flowers will add a touch of class to your family Christmas get together. If you haven't managed to get a bouquet of flowers then just use some greenery.

Christmas flowers

via 1800 Flowers

Christmas greenery

via Aiken House and Gardens

Greenery in a red jar

via The Rustic Peach

6. Candy

Candy is not just for eating - it can be used for some last minute decorating too - so long as you don't have little hands sneaking it away when you're not looking.

Christmas candy cane decorations

via The Frugal Homemaker

Christmas Candy Jars

via Luscious

candy jar

via Siempre Navidad

7. Stars

Dangle some stars from the ceiling or wrap some fairy lights around a star shape.

Christmas stars hanging from the ceiling

via Himasi Club

Fairy light star

via Houzz

8. Pine Cones

Nip into the garden or local park and gather some pine cones. You can spray paint them gold or white or leave them as they are. Add them to a mason jar or lay them on a platter - pine cones are another versatile and easy Christmas decorating idea.

Christmas pine cones painted white

via A Piece of Rainbow

Christmas pine cones in a pot

via One Kindesign

Pine Cone tree decoration

via Mums Make Lists

9. Cushions

Buy them or make them - a few scatter cushions will get the whole family into the festive spirit.

Christmas cushions that look like gifts

via Garnet Hill

Christmas cushions as decorations

via Most Craft

Reindeer Christmas cushion

via Etsy

Those are just a few Christmas decorating ideas to get you started. Have fun and if you need more inspiration here's a link to an OIP Christmas Party "Sparkle On".

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