Hudson's Mad Hatter Party

Wonder and whimsy galore! Hudson's Mad Hatter tea party will make you feel like you're heading down the rabbit hole yourself! Inspired by Alice In Wonderland, the blue boyish hues of this party has given a masculine spin to this bright and classic theme.

This sophisticated tea party has been achieved through the accents of silver. The chromatic finish has added class and another dimension through this reflective surface. The hues of blues and greens work harmoniously with the theme of the party through the green grass and blue, mystical mushrooms. The decor has flowed beautifully between each other, to ultimately intertwine and create this whimsical tea party.

No Alice In Wonderland themed party would be complete without some Flamingo Croquet! This fun activity provided a creative twist to the game for the kids to be entertained by. Combined with giant naughts and crosses and chess, this party did not fall short for fun activities!

'Eat Me!' cookies, 'Drink Me!' swing tags and a 'Who ate my cake?' decal provided the cutest catch phrase decorations! Classic quotes from the movie that truely bring out the Mad Hatter tea party theme! Sweet treats also allowed for this tea party to be a sugar fuelled event for the kids to enjoy! And so it should be! Cakes, cookies and a doughnut wall will be giving you a sugar high! Much like it has for the OIP team!

Photography & Styling: Hudson and Harlow

Balloon & Partyware: Ruby Rabbit Party

Picnic Table & Chairs: Hide and Seek Kids

Cake Stand: 4 Kids N More

Acrylic Cake Sign & Name Decals for Party Favours: Pretty Little Designs

Cookies: Little Biskut

Doughnut Stand & Cake topper: XOXO Designs AU

Desserts: Niknaks Sweetest Treats

Cake: Blonde Baking Mama

Game Hire: Perth Garden Games

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