A couple of years ago on a sunny & warm October afternoon, I parked my car in a Melbourne inner city street where I live. I was just about to step out of the car when I saw THEM! There they were, a group of young boys all dressed up in Halloween costumes in search of treats. “Oh, no!!!” I thought. I decided to wait in my car pretending I was cleaning out my glove box. I have to admit I find a gang of 8 year old boys pretty intimidating. After all they are pretty much the same height as me! I waited for them to move onto their next ‘victim’. In the distance I noticed another group of children approaching in my direction. “This is going to be tricky!” I thought. As soon as the boys walked away far enough, I assessed the situation … all clear … RUN!!! I locked the doors. I was safe! Phew! Last year the situation was slightly different. I pulled up in my street … there was about 100 kids (this sounds like an over exaggeration but it’s not!). There was no where to run, nor did I want to run! I wanted to stay and join in on the fun! The kids as well as the parents were dressed up in AMAZING costumes! There was a little cute Dracula who sure enough asked me for lollies, there was a scary zombie and of course a ghost, mums were also dressed up as witches. I felt extremely out of place … my street was throwing a wicked party and I wasn’t invited! This year I’m going to be Halloween ready! I will have some treats awaiting those crazy trick-or-treaters. I decided to design funny Halloween tags and of course why not share them with you, the lovely readers! Say ‘Hallo’ to the BLACK DIRECTION. Five little wicked characters that I have illustrated. They would all like to think they are super scary, but let’s face it, they are pretty funny! You can use these as tags, labels or stickers. Here are a few examples I put together for you. HALLOWEEN-FREE-PRINTABLES-TAGS HALLOWEEN-FREE-PRINTABLES-TAGS HALLOWEEN-FREE-PRINTABLES-TAGS HALLOWEEN-FREE-PRINTABLES-TAGS HALLOWEEN-FREE-PRINTABLES-TAGS INSTRUCTIONS: Printing instructions included on the pdf. You will need Adobe Reader to read/print this file. If you would like to print these cards later or keep on your system, once the file opens in Acrobat Reader you will need to save it to your computer. Artwork in the downloadable PDF is strictly for personal use only, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE, NOT FOR SALE. You are welcome to re-blog, but please do not distribute this downloadable PDF from your site, please link back to Oh It’s Perfect Page. All copyright – 2 Love Birds. Thank you. Happy and scary Halloween to you all! Mwah, ha, ha, ha! Ania of 2 Love Birds

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