Written By India Kitty -Our Youngest Team Member Christmas wrapping paper doesn’t need to be boring or even too traditional. Start with some simple white and brown paper wrap for some fun festive wrapping ideas. To make my wrapping paper special , I used stickers, pom poms, paints, stamps and confetti. christmas-diy-gift-wrapping-ideas Fruity fun with paint pens – I used Posca pens to create my fruity paper. You can also use paints, stamps or any kind of permanent marker to create the same effect. This is a lovely way to incorporate your artwork in to your gift wrapping. christmas-diy-gift-wrapping-ideas Gold and sparkly – gold and pink sticker dots from the newsagent make a lovely addition to plain paper, as does washi tape snipped in to little triangles or laid over in long strips. christmas-diy-gift-wrapping-ideas Pom Pom and confetti – pom poms make a very cute addition to a package, as do small confetti dots or hand drawn pom nosed reindeers, permanent markers can be used to make a small plastic animal a fun addition. christmas-diy-gift-wrapping-ideas Mini gift tags can also be created to match your wrapping styles – simple and cute. All of these ideas were simple, quick and cheap to make. I bought the brown and white plain paper from a newsagent and the embellishments were cheap from a craft store or things I had in my craft box. I hope you have fun making one of a kind wrapping paper for your gifts this Christmas. India blogs at The World Of India Kitty

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